WawMUN 2020 | Warsaw 2020-03-12 | 2020-03-12 | mymun


Warsaw, Poland

Mar 12 - Mar 14, 2020

360 delegates expected

High School Students

The 14th edition of Warsaw Model United Nations is going to take place between 5th and 8th November 2020. The conference is organised by an ambitious group of students from the Batory High School of Warsaw.

Over the past thirteen years, WawMUN has grown rapidly both in the number of committees as well as delegates and it is now the biggest event of that kind in the region!

WawMUN 2020 will be held in a variety of excellent venues located in the capital of Poland. The delegates will have the opportunity to participate in fruitful debates, overseen by a thoroughly chosen chairboard. 

The conference is also a great place for networking and meeting new people from all over the world! This year’s motto is: “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Forward”.


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Zuzanna KotarbaProfile Picture

Zuzanna Kotarba
Director General

Marta KozinskaProfile Picture

Marta Kozinska
Secretary General

Julia KuśmirekProfile Picture

Julia Kuśmirek
USG Logistics

Maciej LitewskiProfile Picture

Maciej Litewski
USG Finance and External Affairs

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Julia Mazurek
USG Delegate Services

Dominika ZawickaProfile Picture

Dominika Zawicka
President of the General Assembly

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Julia Twardzisz
USG Design & Supplies