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Join thousands of organizers in easily delivering an extraordinary conference experience and tapping into the world's largest MUN community with mymun!

Because Organizers Should Have Fun Too

We're a team of MUN enthusiasts with the vision of allowing every student worldwide to attend at least one MUN conference during their academic journey. To make this possible, mymun transforms organizing into an easy and thrilling experience!

Organizing Made Easy


Simple and customizable applications let delegates register right on mymun!


Let delegates pay and receive money within minutes.


Let delegates know their role with two clicks.


Always know who is coming and what your budget is looking like!

Reach and Visibility

Reach more than 200.000 registered users and even more visitors!

Automatic Emails

You don't have to manually send Email anymore. mymun does it for you.

Support and Training

Always here for you and your team.

How it Works

List your conference so people around the world can find it, then it's up to you whether to add applications or not!

List Conference


Yes. Just add it.

Let delegates find your conference in the world's largest MUN database!

Tens of thousands of MUNers search our database every month.

Customize your conference's page to your liking!




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All the benefits from listing your conference on mymun.

Registration and conference setup for delegates, chairs and delegations. All customizable to your preferences.

Hassle-free participant management through automated Emails.

Two-click assignment of applicants! You can even let head delegates assign their delegation members.

Never worry about chasing your money. You can make delegates pay directly when registering (or later if you prefer that).

Your Team and Delegates Will Love it.

Eric Guiochon Profile

Eric Guiochon
President of FDNU

mymun is a real go-to in terms of MUN conferences. It allows both organizers and MUNers to meet anywhere in the world! I have been using mymun for years, both as a delegate and an organizer. Especially combined with MUN Command it is the best tool for any MUNer!

Luna de la Llama Profile

Luna de la Llama
Secretary-General, London International MUN 2022

mymun is a fantastic platform to make your life immeasurably easier throughout the process of planning a conference. The people behind mymun are incredibly responsive, and always eager to help improve your experience!

Egan Paquay Profile

Egan Paquay
Secretary General, St. Gallen MUN 2021

mymun has been part of my go-to websites for now five years and my home society SGMUN and I have never looked back. The services that mymun offers enable the best convenience for delegates, chairs and for organizers. Planning a quality conference without the tools given by mymun and MUN Command is now unthinkable to me.

Promote Your Conference

Reach hundreds of thousands of MUNers across various channels. All packages are designed for you to be able to get the delegate number you're dreaming of and for your costs to be covered with ease.

Quick Boost


  • 1 Social Media Post
  • 2 Week Conference List Feature

Quick Campaign


  • 1 Conference Newsletter Feature
  • 2 Week Conference List Feature
  • 2 Weeks Frontpage Feature
  • 1 Dedicated Promoted Social Media Post

Serious Campaign


  • 1 Conference Newsletter Feature
  • 6 Week Conference List Feature
  • 4 Weeks Frontpage Feature
  • 2 Dedicated Promoted Social Media Post

Mega Campaign


  • Special concepts for special conferences.
  • Let's get creative to build a custom marketing plan which suits your project.

Individual Pricing and Conditions

Add individual promotional measures to customize your campaign.

Frontpage Feature

Get your MUN highlighted on the landing page. Reach up to 40.000 Users per month.

1 Week


Conference List Feature

Get your MUN highlighted on the conference list. Minimum duration 2 weeks.

1 Week


Social Media Post

We design and promote a post about your conference on our social media channels.

1 Post


Social Media Reel

We record and share a reel promoting your conference. Shared on Instagram and TikTok.

1 Reel


Prices listed above are only applicable to conferences using exclusively mymun for applications.
Conferences with additional registration methods for delegates pay a 20% surcharge.
Conferences using exclusively non-mymun registration methods for delegates pay a 30% surcharge.