The best way to organize your MUN

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets. Say Hello to The Best Tools a MUN Organizer Could Ask for.

The simplest, fastest application form

On mymun, your delegates sign up with two clicks. They can check back later to update their preferences, get in touch with their committee, check their assignment, and download documents. Ditch your run-of-the-mill signup form for a real Conference Management System

Online and Offline Payments

Accept all kinds of online and offline payments, from credit cards over PayPal to SEPA debit. Issue refunds at the push of a button. Let your Delegates upload receipts, pay in bulk, purchase accommodation and social fees from you.

Relevant Statistics at Your Fingertips

How close are you to your goal? Compared to last year's conference? How diverse is your Delegate Pool? Let mymun's statistics engine answer the relevant questions instantly - no need for spreadsheets.

Your Delegates are Already Here

With 100,000 registered users and 900,000 yearly visitors, mymun is the largest, fastest-growing Model UN community, conference database and registration platform. Join a thriving community, and recruit your Delegates, Chairs and Partner Conferences from it.

Automate Your Workflow - Save Time for the Important Things

Don't worry about sending confirmation and reminder emails, setting up mailing lists and chasing after payments. With mymun, all of the tedious tasks are automated, so you can focus on what makes your conference great and unique.

24/7 Support and Training - For You and Your Delegates

Don't worry about sending confirmation and reminder emails, setting up mailing lists and chasing after payments. With mymun, all of the tedious tasks are automated, so you can focus on what makes your conference great and unique.

Your Co-Organizers and Delegates Will Love it.

Tanith Lee
Secretary-General, Amsterdam Model United Nations 2018

I have been using mymun for two years now and cannot speak highly enough of it. The platform is delegate and organizer friendly, it offers everything you need in one place, and the team behind it is always quick to help. One thing is certain: I will never go back to the dark days of Google forms after experiencing the mymun life.

Nadine Häberle
Under-Secretary General for Registrations, EuroMUN Maastricht 2014

MUN-preparation phase without mymun? Impossible! It made my life as undersecretary-general for registrations so much easier, being able to handle the payments, visa letters, allocation, etc. of more than 600 delegates with just a few mouse clicks... Great job!

Nidhi Singh
Secretary-General, NTUMUN 2015, Singapore

This innovative portal made management of our conference extremely smooth. We thank the mymun Team for their prompt services and look forward to working with them again!

Brian Mwarania
Secretary-General, Harvard WorldMUN, Seoul 2015

An innovative management platform for MUN conferences. Our administrative team has worked closely with the mymun team to over the past year to make the registration process as seamless as possible.

We Asked 2,000 Delegates: Is It Easier to Apply to a Conference with mymun Than With Google Docs?
89% said Yes

More Accessible and Affordable Than Ever.

Start Your Free Trial Any Time and See mymun in Action Before You Upgrade - Avoid Payment and mymun Fees by Passing Them to Applicants.

Trial Professional
List Your Conference on the Database
Add Unlimited Committees (including Topics), Organizers to Your Conference
Chair Applications and Assigments
All Conference Management Tools, including Delegate, Delegation, Chair, and Observer Application Forms, Assignment Wizard, Mass Mailing, Automated Reminders, Confirmations and more.
Access to Advertisement Options (Featured Placement, E-Mail and Social Media Campaigns)
Offline and/or Online Payment Tracking, Cash Flow Management, Automated Refunds, Fraud Protection
Pricing Free. Free of Charge*
€ 4,00 per Delegate

* Where Online Payments are available, MyMUN's fee (7%, but min. € 2 per transaction) and all payment processing fees are automatically charged to the payer, and our platform is effectively free of charge for the conference! Online Payments are available for conferences in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. For more information, see here.

Where Online Payments are not available, MyMUN's fee (€ 4 per Delegate) is invoiced and charged directly to the conference organizer. This payment is split in two: When upgrading a conference, a fee for half the expected delegates is due as a deposit. After the conference is over, MyMUN checks how many delegates were actually assigned to committees in total, and then charges the total amount, minus the deposit. Available payment methods are SEPA debit or credit card.

Promote your Conference

mymun offers several marketing packages you can order at any time to boost your conference's visibility and application numbers. Each package consists of advertising on itself, on social media, and through email marketing! Choose or combine the options that fit your conference best. If you'd like to customize the packages (or just get one of the options instead of a combination), you can find a price list for the individual items below the packages. Keep in mind the packages are always more effective always include a discount!

For any questions, orders or inquiries, get in touch with

Marketing Packages
Our suggestions for fitting an optimal marketing solution for your conference's budget.

€ 100

Quick Boost

Ideal for any conference looking to attract just a few more delegates to fill their slots!

  • 1 Conference Newsletter Feature (Including Social Media Post)
  • 4 Week Continent Feature
€ 300

Quick Campaign

Ideal for Conferences looking to significantly widen their audience!

  • 1 Conference Newsletter Feature (Including Social Media Post)
  • 8 Week Continent Feature
  • 1 Dedicated Promoted Social Media Post
  • 2 Weeks Frontpage Feature
€ 500

Serious Campaign

Ideal for conferences looking to establish themselves as one of the world's major conferences!

  • 1 Conference Newsletter Feature (Including Social Media Post)
  • 8 Week Global Feature
  • 1 Dedicated Promoted Social Media Post
  • 4 Weeks Frontpage Feature

Mega Campaign

Special concepts for special conferences.

  • You want to do something truly special?
  • Your budget exceeds the Serious Campaign?
  • Contact us at so we can assemble something unique!

All Marketing Options
Pick and Choose for Maximum Customizability!

Landing-Page Feature

Get your MUN higlighted on the landing page
Reach: About 40,000 views per month.

Duration Price
1 Week € 100

Global Highlights-Page Feature

Get your MUN higlighted on the conference highlights page. Minimum duration 2 weeks, or to extend campaign package.

Duration Price
1 Week € 50

Continent-Page Feature

Get your MUN higlighted on conference's continent's highlights page. Minimum duration 5 weeks, or to extend campaign package.

Duration Price
1 Week € 20

Conferences Email Newsletter

Reach the largest MUN audience directly through their inbox using our bi-monthly conference newsletter! Each newsletter features up to four conferences and is received by over 100.000 MUNers.
Purchase only available as part of a campaign package to ensure consistent user-experience.

Social Media Campaigns

Reach your audience through mymun's social media outlets on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn - customize the targeting for location, age, interests, etc.

Type Price Boost Budget per Post
1 Post € 120 € 20
1 Reel (60s Video) € 220 € 20


Conferences not running their applications through mymun will be charged a 20% markup on regular prices.
Social Media Posts require a minimum of two weeks prior notice.
Social Media Reels require a minimum of three weeks prior notice.
Conference Newsletter features require open applications at point of newsletter sending and two weeks prior notice (2nd Thursday of unevenly numbered months).
Minimum package costs (also of individual items) must meet a minimum of 100€ to account for admin overhead.