Experience MUN more intensely than ever before!

MUN Command is the all-in-one solution, combining chairing software, live polling, chat, and conference management.

"MUN Command made our online conference so engaging, we cannot wait to use it again at SGMUN 2021!"

Egan Paquay, Secretary General SGMUN 2021


  • Get a handle on communication by using the built-in chat before, during and after the conference
  • Stop worrying about keeping people informed by setting the conference schedule and venues in the app
  • Acquire more sponsors by providing them with creative packages, integrations and great exposure


  • Know your committee better by having in-depth feedback and statistics on every delegate
  • Stop struggling to record motions as delegates will submit them through the MUN Command Conference App
  • Manage all kinds of documents and amendments with ease - all through the app
  • Stop switching between browser-tabs and windows. Everything you need is in one place for you


  • Don't worry about when to go where. It's all there at your fingertips
  • Make better connections by chatting with anyone in the conference - in groups or one on one
  • Stay focused by finding, submitting and managing all documents in one place
  • Never be overlooked by adding yourself to the General Speakers List, submitting your motions, voting and much more