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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jan 12 - Jan 14, 2024

High School Students



Nov 24, 2023 - Jan 12, 2024

What is YMUN Dubai, anyway?


YMUN Dubai is a three-day international Model UN conference designed for high school students, set to take place in the vibrant city of Dubai. Delegates from around the world will convene to engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, utilizing debate and diplomacy to address some of the most intricate global challenges of our time. At YMUN Dubai, delegates will step into the roles of UN representatives, policymakers, and influential figures, immersing themselves in the inner workings of global politics and collaborative problem-solving. Throughout the conference, they will explore a wide array of topics spanning international and national security, political and economic development, human rights, sustainability, and more. This immersive experience will empower delegates to navigate the complexities of international negotiation, embrace fresh perspectives, and collaboratively craft comprehensive solutions to pressing global issues.

In its inaugural year, YMUN Dubai aspires to provide delegates from around the world with an exceptional opportunity to partake in a dynamic, educational, and enriching experience that hones and showcases their abilities. It is this unwavering dedication, commitment, and attention to detail that establish YMUN as one of the foremost Model UN conferences on a global scale, and we eagerly anticipate your participation in this inaugural event in the heart of Dubai.


Hereโ€™s What to Expect:

An unparalleled conference experience,

YMUN Dubai is poised to become your most cherished Model UN experience, and we guarantee that our committee topics and dynamic debate format will be truly unparalleled.

a supportive group of Yale students

Our Secretariat, which is comprised entirely of Yale students of all majors and class years, is stoked to help you unlock your potential over the three days of the conference. We will try our best to challenge you to think critically and deeply about the worldโ€™s most pressing issues.

& a phenomenal, unforgettable weekend

We know that you are high school students, and that this experience, while educational at its core, is meant to be one that you treasure and deeply enjoy. We will be offering you plenty of opportunities to mingle with other delegates and meet students from all around the world!


YBMUN 2023

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