UBMUN 2016 | Ulaanbaatar 2016-10-22 | 2016-10-22 | mymun


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Oct 22 - Oct 24, 2016

150 delegates expected

High School Students


New perspectives for a changing world.

In 2015 UBMUN made history by founding the first ever full-3 day Model United Nations conference in Mongolia, bringing together bright young minds from all over the country to discuss and collaborate on international issues. UBMUN 2015 Secretariat has worked hard to cultivate our mission to provide a realistic, engaging, and exciting simulation of the United Nations for passionate youth while making UBMUN a professional, vibrant, and affordable experience for all delegates. The overall satisfaction, the progressive and enthusiastic participation of our delegates and the support and cooperation of our partners and sponsors has let us to attain the development of our mission.

UBMUN prides itself on being able to offer an experience one-of-a-kind for High School students all over the Nation. As a learning conference, we put skill development, professional networking, and consistent improvement at the forefront. Over the past few months, our Secretariat team, talented Committee directors and hard-working staff have been working diligently to prepare the best conference to date. UBMUN 2016 will take you on a journey for the most innovative and exciting session yet and offer opportunities that will enrich delegate’s experiences beyond committee simulations.

UBMUN is something bigger than just a conference, it’s a community of dedicated youth, close friends and future leaders who will make the world a better place. Based on the foundation of this year’s theme “New perspective for the changing world” UBMUN aims to be one such platform for the youth to speak their mind, tackle the global gaps and trenches with innovative solutions and to extract solutions that everyone will comprehend the true meaning of sustainability.