RotaractMUN 2018 | Kaunas 2018-09-06 | 2018-09-06 | mymun


Kaunas, Lithuania

Sep 6 - Sep 9, 2018

108 delegates expected

University Students

rotaractmun Rotaract Global Model United Nations is a grassroot initiative initiated in 2013 by Rotaractors from all around the world. Every year a new edition is organised in a different country that is hosted by a local Rotaract Club selected after an open competition. The conference seeks the participation of anyone over 18 years old and it is aimed at young professionals. We are very grateful for the recognition and support offered by Rotary International and partner Rotary Clubs over the years at each edition.

Partner Conferences

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Adrian PopProfile Picture

Adrian Pop
Rotary e-Club Global Peace and Leadership President

Lukas PuidokasProfile Picture

Lukas Puidokas
RotaractMUN 2018 Project Manager