FAMUN FACAMP 2024 | Campinas - SP 2024-09-05 | 2024-09-05 | mymun


Campinas - SP, Brazil

Sep 5 - Sep 8, 2024

400 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

In 2015, the world committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that, by 2030, it would be possible to guarantee a future for people and the planet, promoting peace, prosperity, and partnerships. However, in 2024, less than a decade until the SDGs due date, the world is far from achieving this promise. In this context, FAMUN 2024 invites its participants to join the United Nations “Act Now” campaign, with the purpose of inspiring people and institutions to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs to achieve a healthy planet, just societies, a better economy, and a world working together. It is a fact that we have no more time to argue, look for someone to blame, or decide who is right or wrong. Our current situation is marked by the urgency of the climate, economic, political, and social crises, which call for immediate action. Join us to act now. Let's save today our tomorrow!



United Nations Security Council
United Nations Environment Assembly
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Environment Assembly