C'MUN 2024 | Barcelona 2024-04-25 | 2024-04-25 | mymun


Barcelona, Spain

Apr 25 - Apr 28, 2024

170 delegates expected

University Students

C'MUN is one of Spain's leading MUNs!

Applications are not open yet.

To check more details about our conference, go to: https://www.cmunbcn.org

Our conference was founded in May 2006 by ANUE, the United Nations Association of Spain, together with students from Catalan universities who wanted to provide a new and fresh platform for young people to be involved with the work of the United Nations. 

C'MUN was the country's first Spanish simulation of the United Nations bodies for university students. Its immense success in the first edition has kept the conference alive for more than 15 years, with 150-200 participants each year coming from more than 50 universities worldwide. The tireless enthusiasm of the delegates, chairs, and organizers convinced us that C’MUN was not only a commendable experience but also something that had become a fundamental activity for university students and future leaders of the world. 

C’MUN attracts both beginners and MUN veterans, giving all participants the opportunity to learn, discover, improve, and share their abilities, enabling intense and profitable debates in all committees. One of the most remarkable aspects that we are very proud of is the involvement of the Catalan institutions (Parliament, City Council, and Government of Catalonia) in the conference and the high academic quality of the topics discussed each year.

From the 25th to the 28th of April, join us in Barcelona and be part of an unforgettable experience! 


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