Young Leadership Summit Portugal 2019 | Porto + Lisbon 2019-03-18 | 2019-03-18 | mymun


Porto + Lisbon, Portugal

Mar 18 - Mar 23, 2019

250 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


Leaders of tomorrow, assemble. 

Inspired by Model United Nations, MUN+351 is a complete leadership summit for those who want to shape the Future, for those who believe in + . 

Do you?

Open to anyone born between 1998 and 2002, MUN+351 is an innovative and complete leadership summit consisting of a camp where participants are given the opportunity to attend workshops focusing on communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills. Here, they will listen and work side-by-side with world-class lecturers on current events and the challenges of international diplomacy, whilst developing the skills required for being 21st-century leaders. This is followed by a 3-day debate session, where delegates will test and put into action what they learned during the camp, whilst profiting from well known MUN adventure.

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A welcome from our Secretary-General

Hi! 😊 Welcome aboard this experience. 

Technology is conquering the World. From automation to genetic engineering, Tomorrow's society is going to be dominated by the Advent of Tech. However, in an increasingly digital society, we often question if our Leaders are willing and able to embrace this change. Welcome to MUN+351, a new Young Leaders Summit crafted to prepare our generation for the challenges of a technological Tomorrow. Combining talks, workshops and debates, MUN+351 is the ultimate conference for those looking to improve public speaking & negotiation skills, listening and working alongside world-class speakers. Tech + Diplomacy have never been closer and, in this increasingly fast-moving World, it's our time to make a difference and shape Tomorrow's society. 

Want to do + for a better Tomorrow? So do we.

Join us in believing in + 

I hope to see you all very soon 👋 

David Tillo

Our MUNifesto

By setting out to change the Model United Nations paradigm, we are inevitably setting a new vision for what we believe the contemporary Model United Nations should become. The responsibility of inciting education and critical thinking is one we do not take lightly. We seek to empower every student, chaperone, volunteer and organiser to be the change they want to see in the world. 

Our MUNifesto is deeply rooted in our DNA and this vision extends far beyond the scope of MUNs. It’s our heading, the path we invite you to trek with us. More importantly, it is a compromise we agreed on not only with ourselves but with the World and, of course, with you.

More importantly, it is a compromise we agreed on not only with ourselves but with the World and, of course, with you.

Camp + Debate


18 — 20 March 2019, Palácio das Artes, Porto 

Education doesn't have to happen inside a classroom. Our camp joins in the same room the best speakers and the best audience - you! For 3 days, you'll experience moments that will enrich your professional and personal life, meeting exciting new people along the way. And there's more: we didn't want you to miss the opportunity to discover Europe's best destination! Join us and discover  Porto, the perfect stopover on your way to a leadership boost.

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21 — 23 March 2019, EDP Headquarters, Lisbon 

Our debate means business! Diplomacy takes centre stage and you're the key player, ensuring that world issues are debated and resolutions are achieved. Lobby, draft and present striking clauses that will shake the house. Unlike some conferences, we've crafted ours to be clause-based, giving teach delegate more opportunities to speak. Go ahead and take the podium.

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Our Packs

Either joining us for the entire experience or just arriving for the debate, you are embarking on an unforgettable educational and cultural voyage. 

Check out our offer below 👇

Leadership+ Pack

When signing up for our Leadership+ Pack, we've got everything taken care of for you. Apart from benefiting from all the benefits of the other 2 packs, from the minute you arrive in Porto to the moment we wrap up our Debate, you've got nothing to worry about. You are essentially visiting two exciting and dynamic cities and getting the ultimate leadership booster. What's there not to like? 

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Leadership Pack

If you want to have a main role in tomorrow's society, our Camp is the perfect place to quickstart your career.  From talks with experts on Tech to workshops with politicians, here you can learn all the necessary tools to become fully equipped to face the challenges of Tomorrow. All of this + an exciting debate where you'll put to practice everything you've learnt. 

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Diplomacy Pack

Research. Share. Debate. Get ready for 3 powerful days where you'le be working alongside the future leaders, crafting powerful resolutions that will shape how technology changes our society. You'll also have the opportunity to meet new and exciting people from across Europe and share your views over dinner in our Social Event The floor is yours, delegate.

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General Assembly
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