WiesMUN 2015 | Wiesbaden 2015-04-22 | 2015-04-22 | mymun


Wiesbaden, Germany

Apr 22 - Apr 26, 2015

100 delegates expected

University Students



Dec 19, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015


Dec 19, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015

One world for all?

The WiesMUN Conference has a low participation fee of only 20€ and is organized by a club for youth politics, the Verein zur politischen Partizipation e.V. Youngsters between 16 and 22 years from Wiesbaden and its surroundings maintain, organize and shape the club, do public works, invite Wiesbadens young generation to interesting events, motivate them to use their democratic abilities, and, last, but not least, to join the clubs educational work.

Wiesbaden Model United Nations Conference, is a United Nations simulation aiming at students, university students and apprentices between 15 and 25 years worldwide. The conference enables youngsters from all over the world to come together and debate in the role of UN representatives in Hesse`s state capital Wiesbaden, Germany. Besides debates, WiesMUN offers a broad program of culture, sports, intercultural experience and getting to know the beautiful city of Wiesbaden.