United Nations Laboratory 2016 | Milan 2016-05-05 | 2016-05-05 | mymun


Milan, Italy

May 5 - May 8, 2016

800 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


UNITED NATIONS LABORATORY is the most internationally diverse college-level Model UN conference, Through lively and informed debate, exciting social events, and a unique conference spirit, the UNLAB MODEL UN experience reaches across cultures and borders to inspire both cooperation and friendship. The capital of Fashion Milan will host more than 800 delegates from all over the world to discuss current issues that the United Nations is dealing with. The United Nations Laboratory delegates will also have the opportunity to summit a youth resolution that will be sent and considered to be adopted by the United Nations Secretariat in New York. Milan wasn’t chosen as a host city only because of its international recognition, but also because of its magical night life. UNLAB is preparing luxury social events for delegates to enjoy the trip and to meet people from all over the world.