UEVMUN 2020 | Valencia 2020-02-26 | 2020-02-26 | mymun


Valencia, Spain

Feb 26 - Feb 28, 2020

100 delegates expected

University Students



Aug 4, 2019 - Nov 1, 2019

Head Delegates

Sep 8, 2019 - Jan 31, 2020

Faculty Advisor

Sep 8, 2019 - Jan 31, 2020

MUN, Valencia, UEVMUN

For early inscriptions go to our webpage (its in Spanish, we will soon provide an English version): 


Universidad Europea de Valencia Model United Nations has the pleasure to present you the second edition of the conference. 
It is an activity in which the students perform the function of a delegate or representative of a country or organization of the United Nations, simulating contemporary debates in various committees of the United Nations.
The purpose of this type of conference is to educate and familiarize students about contemporary events, international relations issues, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

Discover also what Valencia, the third largest city of Spain, has to offer!

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General Assembly
World Health Organization
General Assembly
World Health Organization