UCUMUN 2018 | Utrecht 2018-03-24 | 2018-03-24 | mymun


Utrecht, Netherlands

24 Mar 2018

100 delegates expected

University Students

We are proud to present the UCUMUN conference for 2018 on March 24th!

This year, we are hosting an intensive, all-day simulation of DISEC as it tackles the controversial use of lethal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in conflict. Scrambling the typical 'West vs the Rest' blocs that many debates get locked into, we are offering delegates the opportunity to dive into an area ripe for the creation of new alliances and international agreements.

Come spend a spring Saturday with us on our idyllic campus in Utrecht, at the crossroads of international humanitarian law, the future of warfare, and the ethics of violence.


UN General Assembly - DISEC
UN General Assembly - DISEC

The Use of Lethal Drones in Warfare