TUNYMUN 2023 | Djerba 2023-07-10 | 2023-07-10 | mymun


Djerba, Tunisia

Jul 10 - Jul 13, 2023


350 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



Dec 26, 2022 - Jun 7, 2023


Dec 26, 2022 - Jun 12, 2023

Head Delegates

Dec 26, 2022 - Jun 8, 2023

Getting involved

To make it short, Model United Nations is a simulation of UN organ's functioning : Every participant represents a country and ensure rudely and hardly, fight for its interests, values and virtues. MUN is, and this statement going far then our conference, one of the greatest acts and exercices in the perfectionnent of geopolitics, discussion and debate, diplomacy by realistic role play. For 3 days, with suits and high you are absolutely different persons,  characters isolated and driven into a parallel reality, a diplomat's reality that, let's admit it, is kind of cool and thrilling. Practices and simulations such MUN puts you in newly different situation that guides you to by play and act and fun to learn and assimilate bigger issues of our planet and our planetary political system, which is kind of complex. Moreover, MUNs are also a wonderful chance of meeting and the development of social skills and a new learn to more understand the world around you and its people, because TUNYMUN stands out for cultural and intellectual diversity. So as to conclude, TUNYMUN is first of all is a simulation that :

  • Is tremendously and incredibly thrilling by its principles if you love debate, politics and economics
  • Is a great chance of meeting new ambitious people, develop your community and social skills, to learn from the cultural and intellectual diversity of the conference
  • Is an opportunity of making fun. Indeed, not everything is politics and debate, we at least get one or two parties (BASIC and UNDENIABLE)
  • Last but not least, is a beautiful experience to put in your CV, it is unique and calls for so much intellectual, oral and written but also creativity skills and Unis ‘universities’, hell they love that (they really do)
  • !!!!!AND IS ALSO THE FIRST, YES THEEE FIRST model united nations open for High-schoolers in Tunisia, which is great!!!!!

More than a basic promoting message, this description is really written out of our experience in MUN as delegates (-Our- being us your stuff). It's a pretty new exercice and we sadly don't have the chance to know it well in Tunisia despite the fact that everywhere else (especially the US) MUN is closely becoming a tradition for all high-schools. Out of our personal interest, which is to get to meet you in person and to hear your arguments for a moving cause, MUN is really a beautiful thing that you deserve to know and to live and we just advise you, to simply try.



Tunisia Youth Model United Nations' Staff



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Historical Security Council (Irak' Intervention)
International court of justice (Prosecution of Ben Ali)
Security Council
Historical Security Council (Irak' Intervention)
International court of justice (Prosecution of Ben Ali)
Security Council



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Back in history, you will treat the intervention launched on Irak in 2001 by the USA. Dependently on your country, you will expose and discuss the reason why or should why should not NATO invade Irak ...

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Back in 2011, after Ben Ali former (deceased) president of Tunisian Republic was expelled of both his functions and the territory. In order to ensure fairness, United Nations' court decide (after dema...

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Russian-Ukrainian conflict is an actuality. UN' security council is a committee that concentrate powers and states with ability of military intervention and declaration of borders so as to ensure plan...

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Nato's decision on the intervention in Irak in 2001 : For and against (dependently on your country, NO subjective point of view of yours)


Prosecution of the former president Ben Ali (crimes against humanity, Abuse of power and detournement of public funds) OBJECTIVITY is REQUIR... Read all


Adressing the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, moving towards peace

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