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5 Aug 2023


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Passion for diplomacy, dedication for action.

The way the warfare is being conducted has been changing over the years, the decades, the centuries. Today knife and gun seem to be the last tool used and man to man battle has given its place to modern technology and its achievements. Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Big Data as modern technological achievements are often weaponized.6 Drones comprising a new, at least with their current form, means of military weapon, thus there have been only a few recent attempts at regulating their operation, leaving space for countries with developed drone capacity to utilize them in multiple ways while their actions remain unpunished7 . Big Data is something even newer and much more unknown in common life. This situation allows those having the know-how and the appropriate technology to use them against opponents for political or military purposes. Big Data seems to be the most up to date and most effective way of espionage among the states, while at the same time they can be the best way to prevent spying, based on who and how use them8,9 . Potentially Big Data can underpin even cyber-attacks and consequently used as autonomous weapons. Bearing in mind the aforementioned general information, in the next pages will follow a better explanation of the nature of Artificial Intelligence, how they are or can be used as weapons or means of spying and the dangers lurking, whenever types of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are weaponised, fall into the hands of terrorist and spread without control or limitation.


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Disarmament & International Security Committee
Disarmament & International Security Committee



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Assessing the Potential Risk of Weaponisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data