SSICsim 2015 | Toronto 2015-11-20 | 2015-11-20 | mymun


Toronto, Canada

Nov 20 - Nov 22, 2015

150 delegates expected

High School Students


Ontario's Premier Model United Nations High School Crisis Conference

Founded in May 2011, the Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation (SSICsim) is an annual conference hosted by University of Toronto students for high school level delegates that offers an innovative conference experience. SSICsim is unique as it solely operates Model United Nations (MUN) style “crisis committees” on a variety of themes including those of a historical, fictional and contemporary nature. Unlike traditional MUN committees, SSICsim delegates are not only required to debate issues from a static and distinct perspective, but rather they are challenged to “think outside of the box” by responding, adapting, and reacting to evolving scenarios that demonstrate real time crisis situations. As the premier MUN “crisis conference” in Ontario, SSICsim hosts high school students and faculty from across the province. Among other things, SSICsim strives to provide high school students an opportunity to: think critically about pressing global issues and our ever changing society; stretch their imaginations to address issues through creative solutions; network with university students; and, develop leadership skills such as public speaking, cooperation, debating and professionalism. Likewise, university students who assist in the planning and execution of this event are provided an opportunity to gain their own leadership experience.