Singularity Model of United Nations 2022 | Barcelona 2022-06-10 | 2022-06-10 | mymun


Barcelona, Spain

Jun 10 - Jun 12, 2022

150 delegates expected

High School Students

Singularity Model of United Nations 2022

To register: Join us at S'MUN2030 IN-PERSON

Dear Delegates,

As we are reminded daily through multiple sources, you do realize these are uncertain times. Most of you were born shortly before the 2008 crisis erupted, grew up in a recovery that scarred homes and the welfare state, heard about the destruction of Syria (and Lebanon, and Yemen...), lived through a recent pandemic that has impacted the chances of a generation and, now, we are facing a Russian invasion of Ukraine that has the potential to destabilize the whole world.

These are uncertain times. However, we believe that the answer cannot be the cancellation of plans, paralysis and inaction, but to continue betting on giving development opportunities to you, young people with the aim, hope and will to make your way and build a future. 

Therefore, from the organization of SMUN 2030 we wanted to relaunch this event in a face-to-face format, to bring you together as future leaders to analyze, reflect and discuss the challenges that will mark the future of society, three days to put you in the shoes of real diplomats in the United Nations and think about how to build a better tomorrow.

We hope you have an unforgettable experience.

Best regards,

Ignacio Corroto

Secretary General of SMUN 2030



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