SEKMUN 2017 | Madrid 2017-03-14 | 2017-03-14 | mymun


Madrid, Spain

Mar 14 - Mar 16, 2017

350 delegates expected

High School Students


SEK International Schools Model United Nations

In a globalized world such as the one in which we live, the tensions that are experienced worldwide, although occurring in very isolated regions, have an impact in all areas and corners of the world. The centers of education are not alien to these tensions that the human beings of the planet generally face. For this reason, we must spare no effort for schools, institutes and universities to become places where conflicts and ills affecting humanity are treated. The United Nations is the only global organization to address these issues at the international level to ensure the security of the world and to ensure the development and dignity of all human beings. The United Nations model applied to Education responds to these two concepts. It is therefore essential that the representation of this didactic activity is as close as possible to the real structure of the UN and in the debate, topics on the current international agenda are treated as would be the delegates of the world representing the 192 member countries Of the Organization. SEKMUN is the representation of the United Nations model, in which participants are made aware that the best way to solve problems is dialogue and negotiation, and never violence. In a moment of full globalization, the Educational Institution SEK bets on this educational-cultural event in which students, in addition to training in current affairs and international politics, acquire a general vision of the world.