SDMUN 2023 | Istanbul 2023-08-05 | 2023-08-05 | mymun



Aug 5 - Aug 6, 2023


200 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



May 16, 2023 - Aug 4, 2023

Faculty Advisor

May 26, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023

Peace through Diplomacy

Smart Diplomats is a Diplomatic Simulation Organized by Smart Nation, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkiye. Smart Diplomats empower youth by enhancing their skills of conferencing. We also aim to increase the accessibility of MUNs by bringing the experience of a conference online through our biennial, online SDMUN conference and by person.​


The Smart Diplomats Model United Nations (SDMUN) is a platform for the development of a young person's leadership, negotiating, and diplomatic skills. SDMUN strives to bring together young leaders from all over the world and to offer a forum for exchanging viewpoints and thoughts on issues facing the world.

By participating in Smart Diplomats MUN Conference, we hope you may build new skills, support the growth of existing ones, and hone your diplomatic and communication abilities. We dare you to come along with us on this unforgettable voyage! It's your turn to join thousands of young people from around the world in building a brighter future!


High Commissioner for Refugees
High Commissioner for Refugees

47 Spots


107 Spots


Ensuring the Rights of Women in Iran


Impact of the Ukraine War on Refugees