SBMUN 2022 | Rajshahi 2022-03-10 | 2022-03-10 | mymun


Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Mar 10 - Mar 12, 2022

150 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


Choice is a form of self expression that all human beings are given the freedom of. We choose how to carry out our daily lives but in some circumstances not all choices are ours to make. Can we choose to be on the right side when two nations collide or make peace over war when all the countries of the world are divided into blocks?

Evidently we cannot, as those choices are not ours to make. The nations have delegates who represent them in the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations where their opinions are taken into account to draw a conclusion rather, a solution to the presented issue to safeguard world peace. What if you are given the power to ponder over all the possibilities and support the righteous solution for your nation? Will you be able to vote for world peace with a neutral perspective?

If you believe yourself to be neutral and sensible enough to judge the faith of the world, great news for you awaits! We, the Divine Youth Global are proud to organize the Sortilege Barind Model United Nations 2022 physically on the 10th to 12th March of this year, on the historic Barind lands of the renowned Rajshahi Silk City! Register yourself as a delegate of the committees of SBMUN22 without further adieu and show your unbiased sense of sensibility and diplomatic skills!

Campus Ambassador Registration Link:

CA Registration fees: 1200 BDT

Stay tuned for the venue!