PenangMUN 2015 | Penang 2015-07-10 | 2015-07-10 | mymun
Penang, Malaysia
Jul 10 - Jul 12, 2015

Free for delegates

150 delegates expected
University Students and High School Students

Embodying Courage

PenangMUN is the first and premier Model United Nations conference in the state of Penang.

PenangMUN II 2015 wishes for our theme- "Embodying Courage" to extend beyond the realm of Model United Nations; it is a value that we would like all our attendees to be inspired by. It is a core belief that forms the very foundation of the soul of MUN and extends to all aspects of life: to face terror and animosity with bravery, to have the audacity to raise our voice for the silent and to have the courage to defend your beliefs, morals and principles

Clear your calendar and come join us in Penang from 10th - 12th July!