OVImun 2016 | Oviedo 2016-03-14 | 2016-03-14 | mymun


Oviedo, Spain

Mar 14 - Mar 18, 2016

130 delegates expected

University Students


Enthusiasm, willing to learn and work, companionship and eagerness are what make OVImun possible

Like in past editions, it will be held at the building of the Junta General del Principado de Asturias, the parliament of our region and a privileged place where you will enjoy a genuine MUN experience.

During five days, we will simulate the following UN committees:

General Assembly: Possible creation of a UN permanent intervention force. First Committee (DISEC): Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration: a gender perspective. Security Council: The conflict in the South China Sea. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC): External debt: sustainability and development. Human Rights Council (in English): Topic A: Right to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Topic B: Refugees: issues and answers.

During the debates, delegates shall work in order to pass a resolution which can solve the problem faced, and that will include the different issues set by the committee in its Agenda.

Two Chairs, who are responsible for the correct development of the debate and the observance of the Rules of Procedure, will moderate the sessions.

A renowned expert will give a presentation on the topic of each committee, which shall give the participants a final preparation for the debates and negotiations. Delegates will be able to pose their questions to those experts and to debate with them.

The sessions of the General Assembly will take place in the morning, and all the delegates (except from the members of the Human Rights Council) will participate in them. In the afternoon, delegates will attend their own committees (i.e. Security Council, Economic and Social Council or DISEC). Therefore, each delegate shall study two different topics: that of the General Assembly and the one of the committee that he or she has chosen.

As for the lobbyists, the working system will be the same: they will participate in the sessions of the General Assembly in the morning, and in the other committees in the afternoon.

The Human Rights Council, whose official language is English, will work in a slightly different manner, since both delegates and lobbyists will work in this committee during the whole day. They will also have to study the two topics of the committee.

Beyond the debate sessions, participants will stay at the Hotel Astures, and will benefit from the exclusive OVImun social pack. This includes all the lunches and dinners, as well as daily social events all around Oviedo.