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May 17 - May 19, 2024

University Students and High School Students



Feb 1, 2024 - May 13, 2024

Faculty Advisor

Feb 1, 2024 - May 13, 2024

Oklahoma's First Online MUN

Welcome to Oklahoma's First Online Model United Nations (MUN), where engaging debates and diplomatic discussions transcend geographical boundaries. Our conference features a diverse array of committees, each designed to tackle pressing global issues. Delegates will immerse themselves in the world of international relations, diplomacy, and problem-solving, all from the comfort of their virtual seats.

Commission on Crime Prevention: In this committee, delegates will address the intricate challenges associated with crime prevention on a global scale. From cybercrime to organized crime, participants will engage in lively debates, propose comprehensive solutions, and collaborate to draft resolutions that promote effective crime prevention strategies. The Commission on Crime Prevention sets the stage for delegates to delve into the complexities of maintaining public safety in an ever-evolving world.

Environment Assembly: The Environment Assembly committee brings together delegates passionate about addressing environmental challenges. From climate change to biodiversity conservation, participants will explore innovative solutions and advocate for sustainable practices. Delegates will engage in discussions about policy frameworks, international cooperation, and the role of technology in mitigating environmental crises. This committee provides a platform for diplomatic discourse on issues critical to the well-being of our planet.

Oklahoma's First Online MUN promises an enriching experience for delegates, fostering critical thinking, diplomatic skills, and a deeper understanding of the complexities of international affairs. Get ready to embark on a journey of diplomacy, cooperation, and problem-solving as you contribute to shaping a better world through dialogue and consensus-building.


OKMUN 2024

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Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Environment Assembly
Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Environment Assembly



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