O-MUN 2024 | Oakbrook 2024-07-20 | 2024-07-20 | mymun


Oakbrook, United States

20 Jul 2024

High School Students

Welcome to the inaugural Oakbrook Model United Nations (OMUN) conference, where aspiring diplomats and global leaders converge to simulate international diplomacy and tackle pressing global issues. OMUN provides a dynamic platform for students to engage in lively debates, hone their negotiation skills, and cultivate a deeper understanding of international relations. OMUN is a premier Model United Nations conference hosted in the vibrant city of Oakbrook, Illinois. This conference is designed to empower students with a hands-on experience of diplomacy, crisis management, and negotiation within the framework of the United Nations. Delegates will have the opportunity to represent various countries and navigate complex geopolitical scenarios, fostering critical thinking and teamwork. Whether you're a seasoned MUN enthusiast or new to the world of international diplomacy, OMUN promises an enriching experience that combines education, collaboration, and fun. Prepare to immerse yourself in a stimulating environment where diplomacy comes alive!