NUMUN Champions Cup 2017 | Semenyih 2017-02-23 | 2017-02-23 | mymun


Semenyih, Malaysia

Feb 23 - Feb 26, 2017

350 delegates expected

University Students


The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Champions Cup symbolises a unique system that incorporates a variety of challenges that each team will have to overcome in order to emerge victorious in a format like none other. The trophy is only worthy of candidates that are relentless in achieving goals as unified teams and adapting to the different situations they will be placed in.

GLOBAL VILLAGE: The Global Village is a mechanism designed to promote inter-cultural awareness among the delegates, along with cultural understanding and diversity. It sparks the inner creativeness of delegates and allows for the creation of a harmonious environment between nations that the UN continuously strives to achieve.

SPORTS EXHIBITION: Our Sports Exhibition is in place to encourage trust and support between members within a council, in order for them to develop a greater mutual understanding when it comes to making decisions during council sessions. It allows for members within the council to bond and come to terms with that idea that there can be nothing that’s unachievable if they work as a single unit.

YOUTH SPEAK: The final challenge that delegates will be faced with is the Youth Speak, which is a platform for all delegates to voice out their ideas of an ongoing issue in a manner that captures the attention of the world. This is an opportunity for delegates to brainstorm innovative concepts within their respective teams and portray their opinions in a captive and exciting manner.