NMMUN 2016 | jaipur 2016-08-05 | 2016-08-05 | mymun


jaipur, India

Aug 5 - Aug 7, 2016

400 delegates expected

High School Students


Neerja Modi Model United Nations is an event that in its three days of debating opens up portals to a parallel universe of knowledge, wisdom and diplomacy. It is all about how well a delegate can understand his country and smoothly see out a crisis without a meltdown. Every year a new horizon of perception opens up with the delegates, taking the committee to unseen places, yet at the same time giving it a greater direction. All participants irrespective of their experience come geared up with their research, ready for whatever challenges that lie in front of them. Outside the debating arena all participants bond and spend time together forming allies as they learn to mobilize support for a cause by convincing each other and promising to stand by, no matter how harsh the situation is. The aura of the NMMUN is nothing but that of confidence, intrigue and enlightenment.