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Feb 24 - Feb 25, 2024

1000 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



Nov 5, 2023 - Feb 24, 2024


Nov 18, 2023 - Feb 23, 2024

For the Next Generation, in this one!

Greetings Changemakers,

The NextGenMun is a future youth council summit discussing informative topics of the past and present with a plethora of multitudes attending this conference. NextGen is an NGO union operating and hosting 13 other non-profits with different goals to attain a better world for the upcoming generation.

This conference will serve as a medium for delegates to provide realistic resolutions to crises created in this generation, to prevent them from continuing in the next. 

From fun Future Crisis committees to a serious UNHCR committee. To a UNSC committee discussing a situation occurring right now with also a UNHRC committee with exciting delegations! NextGen MUN really has all the options!

So, gear up to change; since it is the only constant.

See you in February,

Secretariat of NextGen MUN 2024

 This conference will be having 4 committees talking about pressing issues that the world is currently facing, the committees are as follows:

UNSC (United Nations Security Council): Discussing about the current Israel and Palestine War 

UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council): Discussing human rights violations by extremist groups with special emphasis on the right to education for girls

UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees): Discussing refugee access to jobs and financial services and protecting refugee children

FCC (Future Crisis Committee): A futuristic intense and exciting committee about an unexpected crisis!


The awards for each committee are as follows:

Best Delegate

Outstanding Delegate

Honorable Mention  (x2)

awards may vary on committee size*


NextGenMUN 2024

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United Nations Security Council
United Nations Human Rights Council
Futuristic Crisis Committee
High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Security Council
United Nations Human Rights Council
Futuristic Crisis Committee
High Commissioner for Refugees

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The UNSC was established in 1945 and has the responsibility of ensuring peace and security globally. Delegates will be expected to know about the most recent updates about this Israel-Hamas War. ...

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The UNHRC was established in 2006 and monitors human rights throughout the world. Delegates are expected to adjust to different delegations like extremist groups and inspirational individuals. ...

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The FCC is a crisis committee set in the future to mitigate different world issues that may arise. The timeline for this futuristic circumstance will be shared and delegates are expected to adapt on t...

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The UNHCR was established in 1950 in the aftermath of the Second World War and is dedicated to saving lives and protecting the rights of refugees. ...

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Negotiating state-based solutions to the Israel-Palestine War with special emphasis on intervention of Hamas and operations in Gaza


Evaluating pros and cons of extremism to negotiate eventual stability in high-conflict zones

Deliberating the viability of free education for females with special emphasis on warring territories


Spontaneous crises to be revealed on the day of the event


Refugee Access to Jobs and Financial Services

Addressing internal displacement of refugees

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