NCMUN 2014 | Canberra 2014-10-03 | 2014-10-03 | mymun


Canberra, Australia

Oct 3 - Oct 6, 2014

200 delegates expected

University Students



Aug 4, 2014 - Sep 3, 2014


Aug 4, 2014 - Oct 1, 2014

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The National Capital Model United Nations conference (NCMUN) is a new and exciting conference that will bring together students across Australia with interests in international relations, issues of international significance, public speaking and politics. NCMUN offers those participating to experience debates, speakers and socials in the international center of Australia; Canberra. The location of the conference allows it to boast connections to internationally significant government agencies including embassies and international organisations, as well as various government departments, that are one of a kind in Australia.


NCMUN 2014

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