MYCAPMUN 2020 | Chennai 2020-05-16 | 2020-05-16 | mymun



May 16 - May 17, 2020

70 delegates expected

High School Students

UN-leash the diplomat in you!

It's been rough couple of weeks. The stock market has tanked! A recession looks likely, and the world is facing its first major pandemic😔. Nevertheless, many philosophers and deep thinkers have observed that every crisis has a silver lining.

With that in mind, MyCaptain Chennai wants to make sure that you use this time to develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. 

That's why we are coming out with an E-MUN.

MyCaptain by The Climber is an Online platform that helps you take the first step in your field of passion with the help of young achievers, mentors and guides.

What's MUN? A Model United Nations(MUN) is a two day conference where students are assigned a country of which they are a delegate/representative discussing a world affair.

Where? Your Couch, Your Study Table, Your Comfort zone! MYCAPMUN is an E-Mun afterall.

When? 16th & 17th of May

For Whom? School students (Age 14-18) 

Fee? 150 INR

Here at MyCapMUN, as a delegate, you get to represent head of states/business leaders/industrialists/celebrities in three awesome committees with pressing agendas

Join us in celebrating diplomacy through deliberation!. 


for the World Economic Forum:

“Economic reforms to revitalise the international economy POST-SARS-COVID-19 pandemic”

for the UNCSW:

"Discussing the crisis and needs of Rohingya women and children"

for the UNSC:

"Question of China's claims in the South China Sea"

MyCaptain is officially recognised by the United Nations hence the certificate you get with your hardwork will pay off in your resume!

Moreover, we have exciting awards!

So, In the lockdown, you get to explore, debate, change the world aaaand win exciting prizes while sitting in the comfort of your homes? Seems like an exciting thing to look forward to.

Register NOW!

For any queries

Fardeen Taufeeq- +91 8248709124

Jason Ignatius- 8291654044


Security Council
UN Commission on the Status of Women
World Economic Forum
Security Council
UN Commission on the Status of Women
World Economic Forum

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