MUNOM 2024 | Malmö 2024-10-29 | 2024-10-29 | mymun


Malmö, Sweden

Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2024

University Students and High School Students

United in Diversity: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

MUNOM24 is the 8th annual Model United Nations conference held at Malmö Borgarskola in the heart of southern Sweden, lasting from October 29th until November 1st. This year under the theme: United in Diversity: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers. 

United in Diversity: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers. This theme is all about celebrating our differences, and understanding each other. Our goal is to bring together people from various backgrounds in order to connect and learn about international matters. This will be done against the backdrop of the multicultural city that is Malmö and in Malmö Borgarskola, which offers the international, IB, program and brings together students from many different places. Last year the conference welcomed delegations from 5+ countries, a tradition we aim to continue. 

How do we get there? The school is located in the centre of Malmö, which has excellent public transport. The city is located conveniently in the south of Sweden, with proximity to Copenhagen Airport as well as bus and train travel. The city has many budget friendly hotels, and there will also be an option to apply for hosting, entailing that you’d live with a local student in their home.