MIIMUN 2022 | Budapest 2022-09-15 | 2022-09-15 | mymun


Budapest, Hungary

Sep 15 - Sep 17, 2022


60 delegates expected

High School Students



Jun 27, 2022 - Sep 1, 2022


Jun 27, 2022 - Sep 5, 2022

Head Delegates

Jul 27, 2022 - Sep 1, 2022

Faculty Advisor

Jul 27, 2022 - Sep 1, 2022

Building Sustainable Peace: the Future in Your Hands

It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to the third annual MIIMUN conference: Building Sustainable Peace: the Future in Your Hands, taking place in person at Milestone Institute on the 15-17 of September 2022.

The first MIIMUN was organised in 2019, and all MUN presidencies in Milestone looked forward to continuing this tradition and expanding MIIMUN. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MIIMUN could not take place in 2020. Last year the previous presidency did a fantastic job in organising MIIMUN 2021 as an in-house conference for students of Milestone Institute and now, in 2022 we are excited to continue the expansion and invite more Hungarian and international students to our conference in order to promote interaction between cultures and enable delegates to learn from delegates from different countries. This year we aim to foster global cooperation and networking and make a difference together!

In this year's edition we do not require Position Papers from the Fellow Delegates.

The delegate and chair fee was reduced to 15 EUR (not 22 EUR as marked), considering the current high inflation due to the pandemic and the war of Ukraine. Please submit your application on the mymun website without paying, and we will send you a payment reminder around the 22th of August and a payment request  around the 5th of September. You will be able to pay the requested fee by SimplePay, Paypal or your choice of bank card.





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Decreasing the tension between China and Taiwan


Improving Labor Conditions Globally: Eliminating Workers’ Exploitation

Humanitarian Crisis in Turkey