MedMUNTR 2020 | Antalya 2020-04-06 | 2020-04-06 | mymun


Antalya, Turkey

Apr 6 - Apr 9, 2020


400 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



Jan 7, 2020 - Apr 1, 2020

Elite Year Concept

Academic Quality & Operational Experience

Our commitment to this mandate is reflected in the inaugural MedMUNTR, an innovative conference that will provide a learning-oriented MUN experience of high academic and operational caliber.

Global Relationships

We have participants from more than 15 cities in Turkey, and this year for elite year we are in a collaboration with conferences in Europe, we are accepting young people which is older than 15 from all around the world.Join us and enjoy the conference while advancing your network.


Bosphorus Hotel which is choosen by the organization team is careffully selected for you and it is waiting for you with its rich content. Our Hotel welcome you all with its high quality and all-inclusive concept.

Social Events

We as MedmunTR social event team , have organized an academically intensive conference for 4 days and prepare unmatched parties for the amusement of our participants. Our parties with different concepts are waiting for our precious participants for 3 nights. Stay tuned…

About Fees and Finance Department

• This year we will enjoy the fifth MedMUNTR conference in Antalya.
• Information about the Application fee, and periods,
• Early application period fee , (23 December -23 January) is 605 TL & 105 EURO.
• Regular application period fee ( 24 January – 4 March ) is 660 TL & 115 EURO.
• Late application period fee (5 March – 1 April ) is 710 TL & 120 EURO.
• We would like to inform you about the things which are included in the conference fee:
• Conference products ; placard , badge, certificate , file , message paper ,booklet.
• Accommodation ; rooms reserved for participants for 3 night / 4 days. (Triple room)
• Foods & Drinks ; Buffet meals and unlimited drinks ( non-alcohol) are avaliable throughout the conference. ( 24 hours snack bar is open.)
• Our rooms are set up as a triple room but according to your preference double and single rooms are available too.
• Double room’s extra charge will be 35 TL( For each person and for a night.)
• Single Room’s extra charge will be 110 TL ( For each person and for a night.)
• Extra charges for room options must be paid by bank transfers no later than 24 hours before the conference.
• The receipt must be include name and a surname of a delegate which will be accommodate.
• We have no refund policy.
• Please send the receipts after the approval mails to our e-mail address.( Check your mailboxes for detailed info in the process of applying.)
• You can contact with us any case of help you need about finance department. See you at MedMUNTR ELITE YEAR!

MedMUNTR Elite Year 

As a team which powered by lonca organization our main duty is creating a better conferences year by year for 5 years.And in our 5th anniversary we are so glad to came up with a idea of MedMUNTR Elite Year. This year as a MedMUNTR family we wanted to spread an awareness about using plastic and paper materials, so that’s why in MedMUNTR Elite year you are not going to see any plastic or paper materials including certificates, all the certificates will be sended by our team as an ‘online certificate’.With taking an action which has never happened in Turkey, we have partnerships with other MUNs all over the world, so you will have a chance to be a part of an international organization. With the help of the young people our first aim is steping up to the new term in MUN conferences which will cause more effective solutions for global issues.Why are you waiting for, you can be the part of the revolution of MUN with us!


Participants must be 15+

Participants must have at least one conference experience.


  • You will have your costumized materials.(Placard, badge…)
  • In case of you need a proffesional help you can directly connect with your USG to get help.

  • The organization team will be giving consult service about flights ,you can reach us anytime you need.

  • MedmunTR Elite year provides you an e-mail adres that you can use during and before the conference.
  • Delegates who get best delegate award, they will have a chance to participate one of our partner conferences in Europe.(Details of conferences will be uploaded in our Instagram page soon.)
  • There will be a draw in the last day of a application period and winner will be able to accommodate in a King Suit room of Bosphorus Hotel.

 Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM): 

  The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, or the Social, Humanatirian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), focuses on issues dealing with fundamental human rights in the international community. SOCHUM was founded in 1945 in the reaction to the establishment of the Universal Declaration on the Human Rights. The third commitee promotes and enforces basic freedoms and ideals meant to enjoyed by the entire international community such as the right to life, the expression of the cultures, the freedom of political participation, the protection of children‟s rights, and the promotion of social development, among many others. SOCHUM derives its legitimacy from the original United Nations Charter and operates with the goal of designing peaceful settlements for issues within the large spectrum of social, humanitarian and cultural complications in the international community. This body does so by initiating studies that encourage the proposal of reccomandations for the promotion if international cooperation and fundamental freedoms for all.  


  Agenda Item: Combatting Cults and Related Human Rights Violations 

  By definiton, the word „cult‟ derives from the word „cultis‟ and means- all that involved in worship, ritual, religion, emotion, liturgy. Social scientists define cults as groups that deviate from cultural norms. Under and authoritarian structure most of the time the masses end up being exploited and unstopping an upcoming Jonesville tragedy.  


Commision on the Status of Women (CSW): 

 The Commision on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. A fictional commision of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), it was established by ECOSOC resolution 11(II) of 21 June 1946. The CSW is instrumental in promoting women‟s rights, domcumenting the reality of women‟s lives throughout the world, and shaping global standarts on gender equality and the empowerment of women. 


Agenda Item. The Wage Gap Between Genders 

The pay gap between men and women around the world looks a little different depending on how you measure it. In Poland, women earn 91 cents for every dolar a men does. In Israel, its 81 cents. In South Korea, women make just 65 cents on a dolar. When someone mentions pay gap, you often hear another phrase as well: “Equal pay for equal work!” That makes it sound like women are paid less for doing the same job as men, which means women are paid less just for being a women. There‟s a word for that; discrimination. But a huge body of research from many countries shows that overt pay discrimination only potentially explains a small part of the gender pay gay. As the members of CWS, you will be responsible for further addressing the determinants and work towards the eliminating the issue regardless of your gender. 


United Nations Enviromental Program (UNEP): 

  The United Nations Enviroment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global enviromental authority that sets the global enviromental agenda, promotes the coherant implementation of the enviromental dimension of suitable development within the United Nations system, and serves as an authoritative leadership encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.  


Agenda Item: The World’s Water Crisis 

   “The new liquid gold” as we‟re very likely to mention it in the upcoming decade, water is not a renewable source. As earthlings, we need water to survive. Considering the fact that our planet consists of %71 water would sound like a relief, but let‟s dig deeper, shall we? The world‟s oceans holds %96.5 of the water mass. That leaves us with only %3.5 fresh water that we very much depend on. But the water we can atually drink, use for cultivation, clean ourselves with makes up a very small amount of %1. The other %2.5 is situated in underground which is rather expensive to reach and use. In 2025 more than 20 metropolitan cities such as Mexico City, Rome, Istanbul and Cape Town are expected to face a water shortage. But it seems, most of the people are not alarmed by that since the „Day 0‟ keeps getting closer and closer. As UNEP you‟re expected to come up with the ideas that can change this perception.  


Ultima Thule Summit: The Vanish  

Agenda Item: Open Agenda  

 Vaguely the %33 of the world population has vanished into the thin air. It all happened in the blink of an eye and they left nothing behind.   After the baffling disapperance of approximately 2 billion of people, world has inevitably collapsed. Systems broke down, nations fell apart, grief surreded the world and false prophets came out to play. Not a soul knew what had happened.  Was it the rapture or a dreadful outcome of a scientific disaster? Where did they go and most importantly who took them? Seven years passed since the Vanish but the mystery remains unsolved.  And now the world is on the verge of its ultimate destruction. With its center of gravity shifting, new world leaders will work jointly to prevent the apocalypse lies within.  

 Previous Referance Conferences: 


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 Kayseri Model United Nations Conference 2016  Location: Abdullah Gul University  Total applicants: 210 

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 Mediterennian Model United Nations Conference Turkey 2018  Location: Side Star Elegance Hotel  Total applicants: 280 

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Past Conference Videos: 


First Day Social Event: Yatch Party

We continue our Yacht party, which is our most in demand social event every year, with unique innovations and concepts this year. Are you ready to have fun of the Mediterranean with MedmunTR ?

Date Time : 06.04.2020
Time : 22.00-01.00
Music Type : RnB-HipHop Music

Second Day Social Event : Liman Opening Party

We will open the port nightclub , which is one of the famous nightclubs of Antalya , with our esteemed participants. Yasin Keleş , one electronic music of the leading names in, will be the name that accompanies us on this magnificent night. Stand by for unlimited fun…

Date Time : 07.04.2020

Time : 23.00-02.00

Music Type : Mixed Music

Third Day Social Event: Villa Party

 Date Time : 08.04.2020

Time : 21.00-00.00

Music Type : House Music


  April 6

Hotel check-in              10.00-14.00

Lunch                           12.30-14.00

Register                        14.00-15.00

Opening Ceremony    15.00-16.00

Coffee Break               16.00-16.30

Session 1                      16.30-17.30

Coffee Break               17.30-17.45

Session 2                      17.45-18.30

Dinner                         19.00-21.00

Yatch Party                22.00-01.00


April 7 

Breakfast                   08.00-11.00

Session 3                    11.00-12.30

Lunch                        12.30-13.30

Session 4                    13.30-14.30

Coffee Break            14.30-14.45

Session 5                   14.45-15.45

Coffee Break            15.45-16.15

Session 6                   16.15-17.15

Coffee Break            17.15-17.45

Session 7                   17.45-18.45

Dinner                      19.30-21.00

Liman Party            23.00-02.00


April 8 

Breakfast                   08.00-11.00

Session 8                    11.00-12.30

Lunch                        12.30-13.30

Session 9                    13.30-14.30

Coffee Break             14.30-14.45

Session 10                  14.45-15.45

Coffee Break            15.45-16.15

Session 11                 16.15-17.15

Coffee Break            17.15-17.45

Session 12                  17.45-18.45

Dinner                       19.30-21.00

Villa Party               21.00-00.00


April 9 

Breakfast                    08.00-11.00

Hotel check-out         10.00-12.00

Session 13                   11.00-12.30

Lunch                         12.30-13.30

Session 14                   13.30-14.30

Coffee Break              14.30-15.00

Closing Ceremony     15.00-16.00

Shuttle Time              16.00-17.00


Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Ultıma Thule Summit: The Vanish
Akdeniz Markalar Zirvesi
Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Ultıma Thule Summit: The Vanish
Akdeniz Markalar Zirvesi

Combatting Cults and Related Human Rights Violations : By definition, the word ‘... Read all


The Wage Gap Between Genders The pay gap between men and women around the world looks a little different depending on how you measure it. In... Read all


The World’s Water Crisis ‘’The new liquid gold’’ as we’re very likely to mention it in the upcoming decade, Water is not a renewable source... Read all


Open Agenda


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