Me-DMUN 2017 | Wixom 2017-01-07 | 2017-01-07 | mymun


Wixom, United States

7 Jan 2017

250 delegates expected

High School Students


An inclusive environmnet for the best engagement with Model UN

The Metro Detroit Model United Nations Conference was founded to provide an inexpensive and friendly environment conducive to participation by delegates of all levels of experience. Oftentimes newer delegates are either unable or unwilling to speak. To remedy this our committees will be large enough to reflect a variety of perspectives, but also small enough to allow delegates to participate. Through our simulations of international bodies and our topic selection we will continue to challenge all delegates to think from different perspectives and to reflect on the perspectives of others. We are fully committed to teaching delegates the basics of Model UN and challenging their intimately held views through superior topic selection and nuanced background guides. We train our staff with these goals in mind and they are fully committed to helping delegates learn the skills necessary to be a delegate in a competitive environment and to conceptualize international relations and global politics in a more refined manner. The delegate and the delegate's experience are at the center of everything we focus on here at MeDMUN. We strive to create an inclusive environment in which all delegates feel comfortable learning about international relations and growing as human beings.