MASMUNC 2024 | Dobbs Ferry 2024-12-07 | 2024-12-07 | mymun


Dobbs Ferry, United States

7 Dec 2024

200 delegates expected

High School Students

The MASMUNC III team looks forward to presenting a conference of comparable size to MASMUNC II (175-200 delegates) with similarly designed and chaired committees, focusing on individualized feedback and the development of beginner and intermediate delegates. Although an ever-developing and advancing conference, MASMUNC prides itself in its small committee sizes that foster inclusivity and risk taking. Hosting general assemblies, and specialized, and crisis committees varying in skill level, every delegate can find an exciting committee to practice parliamentary procedure, collaboration, public speaking, and leadership skills. Committee topics and abstracts will be released close to the end of the '23-'24 school year, and specific information and details will be updated in the summer and early fall of 2024.