LSE MUN 2016 | London 2016-02-05 | 2016-02-05 | mymun


London, United Kingdom

Feb 5 - Feb 7, 2016

500 delegates expected

University Students


Viva la Revolution!

The London Security Exercise, or LSEMUN for short, is a Model United Nations conference held at the London School of Economics, in the very heart of the capital. It is a conference with a twist: it simulates fast paced crises. Delegates will be given a role in a nation's or organisation's cabinet and will deal with domestic and international issues in real time, competing with different delegates in different cabinets along the way.

Diplomacy, national governance, political wrangling, war: all of these will be faced by delegates, as part of a flexible and evolving crisis coordinated by staff behind the scenes. The London Security Exercise offers intense and engaging debate, allowing delegates to move their cabinet in whichever way they desire. Look no further for a means of using or advancing an interest in debating and international relations!

Those who have plenty of Model United Nations experience and are looking for a challenge, our advanced crisis will offer a particularly high standard of debate. For those who are new to MUN or public speaking, fear not! Our beginner crises will be suited to those with less or no prior experience.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate, applications will open on November 13th and close on December 20th (2015).

We look forward to seeing you in February!