LEMLL Conference 2023 | Monrovia 2023-11-24 | 2023-11-24 | mymun


Monrovia, Liberia

Nov 24 - Nov 26, 2023

500 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

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The three days LEMLL annual conference seeks to bring together over thousands of future generation young Liberian leaders from all corners of Liberia to gain first-hand experience and mentorship in national legislation and diplomatic relations. We also seek to have these emerging leaders engage in national debates and produce high-quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the better Liberia we hope to have. These resolutions will be submitted to the national legislature for consideration.

The LEMLL Conference will begin with a series of workshops on youth engagement, national development, and leadership led by a few honorable members of the House of National Legislature and Mentors of  Logical Exchange. Furthermore, during the first session of the LEMLL conference, students in the roles of district representatives, speakers, county senators, the President of the Senate, and the President Pro Tempore will have the opportunity to engage at a high level by benefiting from the expertise of experts in their field on the session topics. The LEMLL is the largest empowerment platform for youths in the Republic of Liberia; its unique value is being made possible by the Logical Exchange and its partners.

Guide to LEMLL Participants' Roles

Representative and Senator:

A student in the role of a Representative or Senator participates fully in all events and  sessions proceedings. Upon acceptance, such a person will be assigned to represent a particular district or county of Liberia at a particular section. During conference sessions, such a student represents an assigned district or county and takes part in debates and resolution writing.


A student in the role of an observer participates in conference events and attends sessions but does not take part in the debates or resolution writing. An observer does not represent any district or county during the committee sessions. The observer role is designed for inexperienced LEMLL students who want to gain a better understanding of the proceedings as well as knowledge of the discussed topics and national debate methods.

Faculty Advisor:

A faculty advisor is a high school or university teacher, professor, or an organizational head accompanying a group of young students/leaders. Faculty advisors can attend the conference events except for sessions. Faculty advisors must not interfere in the conference proceedings, or distract their students, nor are they allowed inside the session rooms unless otherwise allowed by the session's chairperson or conference staff. Faculty advisors are the point of contact for conference staff members regarding their students.


Chairpersons are highly-skilled students. Upon acceptance, such candidates would participate as chairs of various sections. Each section will consist of two chairpersons. The sections of the Senate will be chaired by the President of the Senate and the President Pro Tempore. The sections of the House of Representatives will be chaired by the Speaker and his or her deputy. Young leaders/students in such roles are responsible for their respective assigned session proceedings. Chairpersons are required to attend a scheduled training workshop with our organizing team prior to the start of the conference.


A student participating in the journalist role takes part in all conference events, including sessions, with the exception that they do not participate in the debates or sessions proceedings. The role of the journalist is to report to the public by taking notes, fact-checking, researching, broadcasting, and interviewing other participants. The journalist is expected to produce news articles daily to be used on different channels, including but not limited to our website and social media pages.

Acceptance Criteria

Representatives and Senators

  • High School or University Student
  • Age 16-25
  • Experience isn't required.
  • Will be assigned as a district representative, or a county senator.

Faculty Advisor

  • Must be an Academic teacher, Educational staff member, or  the head of an organization group that is attending.
  • No age rage apply to this role.


  • High School or University Student
  • Age 16-25
  • No prior LEMLL Experience required
  • Limited Spots


  • Student or Youth Leader
  • Age 20-27
  • Should be a highly-skilled young leader who has extensive knowledge of legislative proceedings.
  • Will participate as Speaker, Speaker Deputy, President of the Senate, or the Pro Tempore.


  • University or High School Student with a goal being a journalist.
  • Age 16-25
  • Somehow skilled in researching, fact-checking, journalism writing & reporting, broadcasting, and interviewing. 
  • Limited Spots

Conference Participation Fees

Registration Fees (All amounts are recorded below in USD)

Representative and Senator Fee: $20

Faculty Advisor: $10

Journalist: Fees $5

Chairperson: $25

Observer: $5


Applicant must be a Liberian

  • Access to all the conference events is included in the registration fees.
  • Accommodation, Transportation, Meals & Beverages are NOT included in the registration fees
  • Please check the criteria of each role as above before making the payment.
  • All participants will be certificated, and all best participants will be awarded.


'Building the youths for tomorrow's national service.'