KarMUN 2018 | Budapest 2018-03-21 | 2018-03-21 | mymun


Budapest, Hungary

Mar 21 - Mar 24, 2018

350 delegates expected

High School Students

KarMUN, or Karinthy Model United Nations is a conference hosted by Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual Secondary School in Budapest, Hungary each year since 2005. The organs of the KarMUN conference are the following: Crisis Committee, Disarmament Committee, Economic and Social Council, Environmental Committee, Futuristic Security Council, G13 Summit, Human Rights Council, International Court of Justice, North Atlantic Council, Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee and Security Council. Each committee has a Chair and Deputy chairs who are responsible for supervising and leading the debates.

2018’s conference is going to start at the 21th of March and end at the 24th. The global issue that became the main topic of the conference and is going to be discussed through the 4 days is coming soon. 2018's theme is Fighting inequality.