JCC MUN 2023 | New Delhi 2023-06-03 | 2023-06-03 | mymun



Jun 3 - Jun 4, 2023

50 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


Welcome to JCC MUN!

This event is completely free.

The Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) is a dynamic and fast-paced committee within Model United Nations (MUN), known for its advanced level of difficulty. It simulates a real-world crisis situation where delegates represent different countries or actors involved in the conflict. 

The JCC provides a unique opportunity for delegates to engage in intense negotiations, strategic decision-making, and crisis management. The agenda for this JCC session revolves around the historic Six-Day War, a significant conflict that took place in the Middle East in 1967. Delegates will step into the shoes of key stakeholders, such as Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and other relevant actors, as they navigate through the complex web of political, military, and diplomatic challenges of the time. 

They will be tasked with formulating strategies, responding to unforeseen events, and ultimately shaping the outcome of this crucial historical moment. The JCC MUN committee promises an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating experience for delegates who are ready to face the high-pressure environment and showcase their diplomatic skills.

Apart from the JCC, The committee of UNODC will also be available for beginner delegates with the agenda: Prison Reforms.

Happy debating!

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Joint Crisis Committee
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
Joint Crisis Committee
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.





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