Indore WS 2022 | Indore 2022-10-15 | 2022-10-15 | mymun


Indore, India

Oct 15 - Oct 17, 2022

University Students and High School Students



Sep 7, 2022 - Oct 8, 2022


Jul 20, 2022 - Oct 8, 2022

Turning Spark into Flame!

The Indore World Summit, Central India's biggest youth conference, is a great opportunity for high school and college students to get involved in the community. Attending the conference provides an opportunity to observe, learn, and practise new skills. Indore World Summit believes that, it is not merely thinking about new ideas that leads to social transformation, but rather it is speaking up and seeing those ideas put into action that accomplishes it. Using committees that are highly tailored, lively, and engaging, the conferences give delegates with an unparalleled experience. The purpose of Indore World Summit is to promulgate the spirit of Internationalism and to make the masses adopt practises that help the world achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the years, Muniversiti, in the process of execution, has been able to interact with 75,000+ students through orientations. More than 3000 people attended the conference, while working with more than 150 institutions. Indore World Summit has always aimed to make students feel the real zeal of being a diplomat and get an unmatched experience of Model United Nations. The conference is also known for its high-quality operations and the finest student crowd, who convene for three days not only to debate but also to network and gain knowledge from their peers.

Indore World Summit 2022 aims to break all the barriers and welcome the delegates back with a bang after a long covid break. Muniversiti plans to accommodate 1000+ delegates this year, by tapping over 100 institutes in central India and having orientations for 20,000+ students. The conference will provide delegates with the best learning experience possible at a state of the art venue.