IITGMUN 2024 | Guwahati 2024-03-08 | 2024-03-08 | mymun


Guwahati, India

Mar 8 - Mar 10, 2024

University Students and High School Students

The IITGMUN is thrilled to announce that the applications for Delegates, the Executive Board, and the International Press for the 16th edition of IITGMUN are now open.

From beginners to seasoned MUN enthusiasts, we extend an invitation to all to submit their applications and become integral contributors to what is anticipated to be a captivating and intellectually enriching experience for each participant.

The North-eastโ€™s biggest MUNs features four committees:
UNHRC - 'Beyond Broken Borders'
Lok Sabha - 'Election Evolution'
The UN Ocean Conference - 'Battles Below'
League Of Nations - 'Harmony Haven'

These proposed topics assure you the chance to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in debates with like-minded individuals, and demonstrate a range of skills, from research to teamwork.

Apply with the following link: