IDS 2019 | Mumbai 2019-12-26 | 2019-12-26 | mymun


Mumbai, India

Dec 26 - Dec 27, 2019

150 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

Divided by Perspectives, United by Purpose

Indian Diplomacy Summit is a youth organization and the product of the ideas of a few passionate 'MUNers' and their notion to provide a platform to this generation to become great orators, perhaps emerge as young diplomats of the nation.

Indian Diplomacy Summit is based on the concept of MUN or model united nations as the name suggests, it is a podium to pioneer students that introduces them to the ginormous world of diplomacy and intellect. We must never unbind in our efforts to resolve conflicts through diplomacy. In a world of convoluted threats, our security and leadership depends on all the elements of power- including cogent and principled diplomacy.

Diplomacy is like jazz: innumerable variations on a theme. In this session of IDS, we look forward to brainstorm delegates through sterling committees and to make it an experience they cherish forever.

Whether you are a veteran or an amateur, we sincerely hope that you would join us for this noteworthy event.

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