ICLA MUN 2022 | Kofu 2022-11-26 | 2022-11-26 | mymun


Kofu, Japan

Nov 26 - Nov 27, 2022

50 delegates expected

University Students

Preventing and Tackling causes and effects of climate change in Asia

According to your votes during the conference, the topic could bend to one of the two areas below: 


1: A discussion about economic issues

  • decoupling with China’s production and promoting independence of Asian states 
  • how to manage the issue of supply routes in the Pacific and Indian Ocean
  • dealing with the “big polluters” of Asia (China, India, Bengladesh, Indonesia) —> Whether it is because of large amount of production which consumes a lot of energy —>  or about how some countries pollute waters by throwing trash and chemicals in the water
  • making these country accountable for their actions and how to make them pollute less in the first place


2: A discussion about humanitarian issues

  • Ways to protect Asian islands from the rising waters
  • Managing the future flow of climate refugees coming from Asia if their country were to be flooded – give them shelter, legal status, opportunities to integrate in their new environment
  • Addressing the issue of garbage flow that is launched by some countries and that end up on Asian countries’ coasts
  • How to prevent water pollution
  • How to distribute the help regarding humanitarian aid and in which ways should polluters be part of the supply of aid.


The subjects are quite not far from each other, and you will obviously talk about both, while putting an emphasis on the one chosen by the Assembly. 


General Assembly
General Assembly



Climate change and displacement

Ending statelessness