HIMUN 2024 | Cochabamba 2024-06-22 | 2024-06-22 | mymun



Jun 22 - Jun 23, 2024

120 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

Haneul International Model of United Nations (HIMUN) is an online conference that simulates the activities and procedures of the United Nations on an international scale. In this model, students from different parts of the world represent various countries and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to debate and address topics of global relevance, such as human rights, international security, environment, and economic development, among others.

HIMUN provides participants with the opportunity to enhance skills such as negotiation, public speaking, research, and problem-solving while fostering intercultural understanding and international cooperation. These events offer a platform for young people to engage in global issues and develop a sense of responsibility towards the challenges facing the international community.

HIMUN will take place from June 22nd till June 23rd. 

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