GYL 2018 | DKI Jakarta 2018-08-18 | 2018-08-18 | mymun


DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

18 Aug 2018

200 delegates expected

High School Students

MUN A World of Our Own’ 2018 Summit

A World of Our Own’ 2018 Summit
‘A World of Our Own’ is GYL’s first youth summit hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Inviting youths worldwide, this summit focuses on envisioning and actualizing a future crafted by the budding inhabitants of today. The name of the summit represents the youth claiming their place in the world and building a name for themselves in an ever-evolving world.

This is done by harnessing integral life skills through enlightening talks by our multi-talented guest speakers that have paved their own path, significantly changing the world we live in. Inviting participants to share thoughts and ideas through networking events, this 1-day summit strives to nurture, develop, and inspire today’s youth to create a future full of purpose for themselves through values of entrepreneurship, leadership, and creativity.

Speaker List (With Circle Photos)
Entrepreneurship Day with Yayasan Prima Unggul (YPU) Through GYL, the children in YPU was able to learn about the culinary and creative scene of business. Bringing in Gendhis Bags and KKShops Batik Roll Cake invention, new means of income and a refreshing sense of creativity was brought to the children in the form of workshops.

Happy Kids AIESEC Global Immersion
Honoring AIESEC’s vision to reach the youth, Happy Kids’, a faction of AIESEC
Universitas Indonesia’s first global delegation meeting was hosted by GYL. With delegations from : China, Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, Germany, and Vietnam.

To purchase a ticket for this year’s ‘A World of Our Own’ summit, follow these steps:
1. Fill in the Participant Sign Up Form , which is found in the link:
2. After you have completed the form, transfer to [acc] within 24 hours or your application
will be terminated and you will have to re-apply.
3. Email the BUKTI TRANSFER to . You will then
receive a confirmation email of your application from us.
4. Show the confirmation email to us during registration on the day.
Early Bird
Rp. 200,000
Normal Rate haha idk what u call it
Rp. 250,000
On the Spot
Rp. 300,000


UN Commission on the Status of Women
UN Commission on the Status of Women

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