GSMUN 2017 | Istanbul 2017-04-19 | 2017-04-19 | mymun


Istanbul, Turkey

Apr 19 - Apr 23, 2017

250 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students


'International Law and Diplomacy Club' ILDC is the very first student club to be established in the University Of Galatasaray with 22 years of academic experience gained via various events. These events included international and local MUNs, numerous European Youth Parliament (EYP) experiences, vast amounts of conferences about topics that matter to the World with attendances of the people who are the best of their fields; including various academicians, politicians, journalists and even consuls of different countries.

Today, ILDC had made 17 MUNs since its establishment. This number indicates to a considerable amount of experience in the field of MUN. With connections made around the globe and with the best academic teams one could ever assemble, GSMUN ‘17 is also brought to you by UHDK.