GDMUN EXAM 2023 | Coimbatore 2023-01-26 | 2023-01-26 | mymun



26 Jan 2023

100 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students

Let you be the change!

GDMUN is now offering the new MUN Proficiency exam. This exam will be based on international relations, comprehensive analysis, and a verbal segment. Everyone who takes the exam will be awarded a certificate. The top 5% will be getting special awards. This will provide you with the skills needed for staffing as a chair. Furthermore, for the next edition, we will be having 7 committees and there are 6 vacancies in for the chair positions. We will look for this exam performance for the same. This exam certificate will be a bonus when you want to get into the organising or chairing positions in MUNs. This will also give you an added advantage for the GDMUN Applications. The cost is 7 USD.

Candidates you can register for the examination via this link: 


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MUN Proficiency Exam
MUN Proficiency Exam