GCMUN 2020 | New York City 2020-02-27 | 2020-02-27 | mymun


New York City, United States

Feb 27 - Feb 29, 2020

2500 delegates expected

High School Students

Global Citizens Model United Nations

GCMUN Closing Ceremony

GCMUN is an international Model UN conference held every year in New York City at the Sheraton Hotel and at the United Nations Headquarters. 

GCMUN has proved to be a great addition to the school curriculum and it has positively impacted students' development and use of soft skills and their talents. Your students will have the chance to work on Public Speaking, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Time Management, Adaptability, Creativity and Leadership. All Fundamental skills to tackle modern society and different work environment. 

Putting your students in charge will definitely inform and better the way they carry themselves in our ever changing society unleashing their powers to reach full potential in school, university, at work or in their every day life. 

GCMUN is mostly a High School conference (accepting students from grade 7 to 12) and it is open to school delegations only. The conference is build on the purpose of enhancing its participants abilities, strives to deliver the highest educational experience and aspires to be a highly formative international forum.  

Participants should expect great topics, fierce debate sessions and an international staff board coming from the world's most prestigious universities. The conference holds its last debate session and closing ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters*, having given its past participants the possibility of debating in Committee Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, ECOSOC and TRUSTEESHIP. Closing Ceremony takes place in the iconic and breathtaking General Assembly Hall.


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$40 Conference Fees
$279/room per night** 
Accommodation at venue hotel not mandatory

GCMUN only accepts school delegations.


*Please note that sessions are subject to availability of space at the United Nations. Please, note that Meetings and sessions of the United Nations and other intergovernmental bodies take precedence over Model United Nations conferences.

**Up to quadruple occupancy, single or double provided for FAs.