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Jul 28 - Jul 31, 2023

147 delegates expected

University Students and High School Students



May 1, 2023 - Jul 3, 2023


May 1, 2023 - Jul 24, 2023

Faculty Advisor

May 12, 2023 - May 19, 2023


May 12, 2023 - Jul 20, 2023

International Conference in the field of CyberSecurity

FWCAMUN July 2023

FWCAMUN seeks to bring together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations, to produce high-quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the Future Without Cyber Attacks, and to submit these resolutions to relevant UN agencies and world leaders for consideration.

During the months, events of the FWCAMUN were held online. In the following years, the FWCAMUN will be the largest MUN platform for selected youth, and it includes also regional workshops in the five continents.

Guide to MUN Roles


A student in a role of a delegate participates fully in all conference events and committee session proceedings. During committee sessions, a delegate represents an assigned country other than his country of nationality and takes part in debates and resolution writing. A delegate represents the official stance of their assigned country according to the committee topic in discussion. A delegate can apply individually or as part of a delegation


A student in a role of an observer participates in conference events and attends committee sessions but does not take part in the debates or resolution writing. An observer does not represent any country during the committee sessions. The observer role is meant for inexperienced MUN students who may want to understand better the MUN proceedings and build knowledge on discussed topics and ways of debate.

Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor is a School or University teacher/professor/staff accompanying a delegation. Faculty advisors can attend conference events except for committee sessions. Faculty advisors must not interfere in the conference proceedings, or distract their delegates nor are they allowed inside the committee sessions rooms unless otherwise allowed by the committee chairperson or conference staff. Faculty advisors are the point of contact and organization for conference staff members regarding their delegation.

Head Delegate

A head delegate is a student participating fully in the conference as a delegate with the additional responsibility of accompanying and organizing their delegation.


A delegation is a group of students from the same university, school, or MUN club wishing to attend the MUN together. A delegation consists of delegates and a faculty advisor or head delegate. Delegations are considered for the Best Delegation Award at the end of the committee sessions. Delegates part of a delegation may be distributed among different committees


A chairperson is a highly-skilled student in MUNs, they are responsible for the academic delivery of their assigned committee and overall committee session proceedings. Chairpersons are required to have several MUN experiences and a solid educational background.

Journalist  (UN News Center Committee)

A delegate selected in the Journalist role takes part in all conference events including committee sessions except that they do not participate in the debates or committee session proceedings. The role of the Journalist is to act on behalf of the UN News Center (Simulated) and to report on the assigned committees by taking notes, fact-checking, researching, and interviewing delegates. The journalist is expected to produce news articles daily to be used on different channels, including but not limited to; the FWCAMUN website, social media, and newsletters.


FWCAMUN July 2023

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Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Human Rights Council
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Human Rights Council



100 Spots




47 Spots


Developing Sustainable Economic Solutions to Address the Impacts of the Cyber Attacks on Local and International Communities.

Tackling fake news and misinformation


The restrictions for CyberCrimes over the countries and developing the best resolutions to this kind of crimes.

Ensuring universal access to digital technology

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