EuropAgora 2024 | Strasbourg 2024-05-22 | 2024-05-22 | mymun


Strasbourg, France

May 22 - May 23, 2024

350 delegates expected

University Students

Become an MEP for 2 days !

The EU, by the youth for the youth.

Two weeks before the European elections, join us to the actual buildings of the European Parliament for a model of a session of the European Parliament. We aim to gather 350 young people from all over the EU. 
On schedule: 6 debating committees, a jazz concert, lectures by researchers and MEPs, and lots of meetings!

Why should you take part ?

This simulation offers you a valuable opportunity to understand the functioning of the European Union and the decision-making process that impacts your daily life. By participating in this event, you will develop your skills in debating, negotiating, and decision-making. This experience will not only strengthen your civic engagement but also allow you to make new acquaintances, reinforce your European identity, and build friendly ties. Europe is not built alone, but together, by 27 nations.

By encouraging youth participation in this simulation, we aim to promote a culture of proactive democracy and inspire the next generation of political leaders. We truly believe that every voice matters in a world where only 42% of young people aged 18 to 25 participate in European elections. You have the power to make a difference through your participation in EuropAgora.

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Colin Duchange
President of EuropAgora