ENIMUN 2023 | Istanbul 2023-09-29 | 2023-09-29 | mymun


Istanbul, Turkey

Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2023

300 delegates expected

High School Students

Solving Real-Time World Issues

March 9, 2023 Most esteemed MUN participants, We are delighted to invite your school to participate in the 8th annual conference of the ENKA International Model United Nations – ENIMUN 2023, ENIMUN 2023 will be hosted on Friday 29th September– Monday 2nd October 2023 ENIMUN Conference is a 4-day simulation of the United Nations that takes place in the heart of the great city of Istanbul. İt provides a great opportunity for students from different backgrounds to come together and further expand their knowledge regarding a variety of different topics including politics, economics and, most importantly, the current global issues affecting many around the world. We believe it presents a perfect opportunity for students to utilize their social skills while contributing to society on a global scale. After much consideration, we have decided on a topic that we believe tackles many vital issues present in our world today.



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